Why Are Wedding Celebrations So Special?

The moment when bride and groom accept each other as their life partners on their wedding day, they will be called a lovely couple. Do you know why the wedding is so special to everyone and why do we need all these traditions in order to get married? This is one of the things that the Lord has started, by himself. We might consider the wedding celebrations as special ones because; it acts as a doorway to declare a man and a woman as husband and wife in the name of Lord Jesus Christ. However weddings differ from culture to culture and also from generation to generation. For the years to come, the wedding traditions might change, but the transition would be slower.

Wedding ceremony can also be carried out in private. In private, a judge would declare a man & woman as husband and wife, instead of a priest, which is considered unofficial. In order to make it official, they have to marry again in a real wedding tradition. Wedding celebrations are not constrained only to church, but it can also be carried out in beach, park or even at your home. The important thing is that, both husband and wife should understand that they must try to make it worth to them and also to their families, when they celebrate their most special day. Weddings show the way to start the journey in life as husband and wife and so they must give meaning to it, and also should realize how special it is.

How to Become a Successful Wedding Photographer

The first thing you will need to do is to build up a portfolio to show potential clients. Unlike some other areas of professional photography, the bride and groom are not going to be the slightest bit impressed by images of anything other than weddings. Lighting techniques and artistic flair will mean very little to them of there is not a smiling couple featured in the shot.

There are two possible solutions to this dilemma. The first is to find associates, friends and relatives who are getting married and ask if you can shoot their weddings for them. Offering to do it at cost may convince them to give you a try. Be sure to get their permission to use some of the images in your portfolio or all the work will have been for nothing.

If that doesn’t work or just to get some additional shots to show off your style, you can hold a mock wedding. If you want to go this route, be prepared that it will take quite a bit of work to make it appear as if it is a real wedding. Most brides and grooms will want to see not only the posed shots in your portfolio but also the candid shots of before and after the ceremony, including the reception. If possible, try to get together with other new wedding photographers on this project. That way all of you can improve your portfolios while sharing the cost of the mock wedding.

Now that you have a portfolio, you need to find a way to get your name out. These days the most effective way to do this is the internet. These days when someone begins to research anything, they start with the internet, so that is where you want to be.

Before setting up your site, spend some time studying other sites. Take the aspects you find most appealing from those sites and combine them to create a site that is likely to hold a brides attention for more than a few seconds. Be sure to include great shots on the first page, if you don’t hook them there, they will not look any further.

To be truly successful, you will also want to have a basic understanding of how the internet’s search engines work. There are many tricks to getting your site placed high in a list of search results. If you are too far down the list, it is unlikely that you will get any attention. This search engine optimization (SEO) is an essential part of any successful online business and you will want to understand and use it.

Through all of this, never forget that it is the images that people see that will ultimately determine the success or failure of your wedding photography business. Make sure that every shot you take is high quality and do whatever it takes to make your clients happy. If the new couple is not pleased with your efforts, they are not going to suggest that their friends use you. Word of mouth is still a very important form of advertising and if what is being said about your business is not complementary than all of your other efforts will mean nothing.

Wedding Planning – Where to Start!

At long last he has said those magic words ‘will you marry me’. You are now engaged. The wedding date has been set. What now?

Here are a few tips to help you organize and plan your wedding to ensure nothing is forgotten or left behind.

You have been to the local newsagent and bought the latest bridal magazine. There are pages and pages of photos of beautiful wedding dresses, rings, shoes and accessories and it is full of ads on what to buy and where to buy it. There is some information on what the requirements are at a wedding but not enough for you to really get started.

Start planning your special day now, get organized instead of rushing, and have the wedding of your dreams.

Careful planning will enable you to truly enjoy every moment of your Wedding Day. Arrangements for a large conventional wedding should ideally commence between 8 – 12 months prior to the wedding date. In saying this, weddings have been planned in as little as 6 weeks and have been very successful. By using a wedding timetable (this is a list of to do’s) you can follow a list of time frames to complete tasks, 12, 6, 3 and 2 months before, 6 weeks before, 2 weeks before and 1 week before the big day.

Don’t forget delegation! Family and friends love to help for special occasions so use them. Bounce ideas off them, get their opinion, you don’t have to act on their advice however more ideas are better than none to be able to make an informed decision.

Research and systems

When doing your research you will collect large amounts of; information, photos, samples, receipts and business cards, therefore you will need to create a system to keep all your wedding details in the one place.

It may be a ring binder with tabs for each category, or an expansion file where you are able to quickly locate information. Some of the categories may include; Wedding Dress, Men’s Attire, Bridesmaid Dresses, Catering, Reception, Photography, Florist, Wedding Vehicles, Music, etc.

You could also create a scrapbook and cut images from magazines, print them off websites, insert photo’s you may have taken or photo’s from other peoples weddings. With a scrapbook you will be able to see how items work together to help you coordinate the theme of your wedding. Hints and tips can be noted, for example, place a disposable camera on each table (these are the shots you wouldn’t normally get) and place your guests name on both sides of their name card so other guests know who is sitting at the table.

Keep a list of the most important aspects of your wedding; the venue, the entertainment and your wedding dress. When you feel you are getting bogged down with all irrelevant details, refer back to what are the most important aspects of your special day.

Set a budget and stick to it! Weddings can be beautiful and fashionable without costing a fortune. By carefully budgeting, prioritizing and the assistance from family and friends you can have a wedding that is as good as any of the celebrity weddings at a third of the cost.

You may wish to open a bank account specifically for wedding expenses. This way you can keep track of all your expenses. Choose an account which offers a high interest rate on balances to get the best from your account and you may then be able to include those items that you thought you couldn’t afford from the interest.

Guest List

Start by writing down all the people you know. Then start a separate list from the people on the first list who are important to you, the people who you really want to share your special day. Then continue to fine tune your list until you are at a number which is within your budget. Remember, for every name you add to your list the more money you will have to spend or you will have to do without in other areas of your planning.

The Latest Wedding Trends

Color! Color! Color! White is out, color is in!

Champagne, ivory, platinum or pink are some of the color replacing the traditional white wedding dress. By using color for the wedding dress this creates endless exciting possibilities as far as the rest of the decor goes. Colorful linen, napkins, tablecloths and chair covers, can be used to enhance the overall theme of your wedding.

With the exception of, say, your own mom, nobody ever walked down the aisle looking more lovely than Grace Kelly. Her gown was a gift from MGM studios, and was created for her by MGM costume designer Helen Rose.

(Ladies, here’s a tip: I know the big fantasy is to have a wedding dress created for you by a fashion designer, but if you have the chance to get a dress made by a costume designer, jump at it. A fashion designer knows how to make the dress look good. A costume designer knows how to make you look good.)

Since Kelly’s movie-star status was a bit of an embarrassment to the Royal Family of Monaco, her dress was deliberately designed to be as demure and fit for a princess as possible, with a high bodice, antique lace, and hundreds of feet of tulle.

It’s a gorgeous way to go… But what if your tastes are a little less traditional? Fortunately, there are plenty of other role models – good and bad – for your ripped-from-the-stars fantasy wedding gown.

Elizabeth Hurley got to reduce the anxiety over choosing a gown by having two different wedding dresses in two separate ceremonies. For her English wedding, she wore a traditional flowing white chiffon dress, and then wore a pink sari with gold highlights for her second ceremony in India.

Gwen Stefani also wore pink – with a twist. Her gorgeous floor-length wedding gown was white at the shoulder, then gradually shaded in to a rich mauve at the hem. It was a beautiful look, and a great way to blend the old and the new.

Jada Pinkett Smith also showed that a wedding dress doesn’t need to be white to be stunning. She wore a curve-hugging silk and velvet gown in a gorgeous soft champagne color.

Lisa Ling went with traditional red in an “Asian chic” floor-length sheath. Though red has racy connotations in the West, in many Asian cultures it’s considered a lucky color that helps bring prosperity to a couple – not a bad argument to run by your groom if you feel like going down the aisle in scarlet.

Dita Von Teese married Marilyn Manson in a luxurious gown of shimmering purple. If you’ve got pale skin and dark hair – not to mention a bold streak – like hers, you’ll look amazing.

On the other hand, Sarah Jessica Parker may have performed the scenes in Sex & the City in which she tries on wedding dresses with such gusto because she spent her real wedding day in a black dress. At the time she wanted a low-key choice, but she’s since said in interviews that she wishes she’d gone for a big white dress.

You can, of course, go white without going big or traditional. Cindy Crawford got married in the Bahamas and chose a light white slip dress to suit the weather.

Pamela Anderson also got married in white… Once in a tiny, cleavage boosting gown with a plunging neckline, and once in a string bikini. Sometimes it is best to listen to Mom’s advice and rein it in a little.

The one thing that these celebrity brides have in common is that they all – for better or worse – had strong senses of personal style and the confidence to follow their own minds.

If you do the same, you might just manage to outshine Grace.