4 Roles For Children in Weddings

Getting children involved in your wedding can be a great idea. Having them actively taking part in the ceremony will keep them occupied and they also have the habit of looking adorably cute. Here are four roles that they can assume to be included in your wedding.

Junior bridesmaids and junior groomsmen are perhaps the most obvious roles for youngsters in your wedding. The role of a junior groomsman is very similar to those of the other groomsmen, the usher guests to their seats and stand by the groom at the altar. Junior bridesmaids walk up the aisle with the other gals and generally tend to be dressed in more modest dresses than the older maids. It is generally best if the junior bridesmaids and groomsmen are aged between ten and sixteen. Do not worry; there are still roles available for the younger attendants at your wedding.

The flower girl is a great role for a young girl. Her job is to walk up the aisle before the bride carrying a basket of petals, which she then scatters along the walkway. If you are worried that she may get scared walking through the aisle on her own, a somewhat daunting experience for anyone, then it is perfectly fine for her mother or father to walk along side her. Another great idea is to pair two flower girls together.

The role of ring bearer traditionally falls to a young boy. He will walk along the aisle before the flower girl holding two rings tied together on a pillow. For safety reasons, the ring bearer will often carry replica rings with the real wedding rings kept safely tucked away with the best man and maid of honor.

Another role for a child is a page. A pair of pages can be employed to hold the bridal dress train up, ensuring it does not drag along the ground, get caught or get dirty. Obviously, if your wedding dress does not have a long train then the requirement for pages goes out of the window. Traditionally this is a role taken by young boys however if you are short on boys yet have some spare girls who want to take part but you do not yet have a role for them they can always be pages as well.