Ideas For Wedding Gifts

Somewhere, at some point in your life, you will be invited to a rash of weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, bachelor parties, engagement parties and the list can go on forever. On the average salary, having even one or two of those events happen in the same month can spell disaster for your financial well-being. Everyone goes through this and with destination weddings becoming the rage, what is one to do? How do you afford giving a nice gift without breaking the bank? Well, get your creative thinking cap on. That is the only way you can feel good about giving a gift that you can afford.

One surefire method to saving money is making a heartfelt, homemade gift. If done correctly, this can impact the receiver of the gift and save you having to take out a loan! Remember, the key to pulling this off to where this gift is a huge success, is by personalizing it.

One such example is to make an elaborate scrapbook of a great vacation or event that you shared with the newly married couple. But, if you aren’t a crafts person, how about gathering pictures from family and friends, making copies and creating a personalized photo album of both their life stories with it ending with their marriage. And another awesome idea is to download tons of the couple’s favorite songs, make them into a CD and present that with photos in an album. The same can be done with a DVD.

If you don’t want to go the “make it yourself” route, then investigate what is on the couple’s bridal registry and choose one of the lowest priced items. But remember, stick to what is on the registry. Being in those stores and seeing all the beautiful items you could buy will tempt you to pull out your credit card and purchase something that you can’t afford.

Perhaps you are a whiz with a still or video camera. Tell the couple that you are going to do that for their gift. If they already have this as part of their wedding budget, then tell them you are going to be taking pictures of all candid moments and make them an album of the “real wedding, behind the wedding.” Everyone loves something like that.

Lastly, speak to some of the couple’s mutual friends and pitch in on a group gift. This way, there is no way of knowing who gave what monetarily and usually the item has a bigger impact because it is more expensive.

Just be aware of your budget and what you can afford. Do not be moved by being invited to a $200 a plate dinner. Of course, if you can afford it, then match the entrée price. But if you are one of those that is struggling to make ends meet, but you love the couple that is getting married, then keep you money in your wallet and follow one of our suggestions. Your checkbook will love you for it.