Important Things to Consider When Hiring a Wedding Photographer

“There are so many wedding photographers out there…how do you choose?!”

Anyone can shoot a few great images during the course of a day, but it takes an experienced professional to be able capture a full day of amazing shots. With so many wedding photographers in the market place these days, it’s important to know that there is a huge difference between someone who has experience and someone who does not.

When you are reviewing a photographer’s portfolio, ask them, “Is this from a real wedding that you shot?” Or, “Did you do the lighting on this shot?” Those kind of questions are good because there are a lot of new photographers in displaying images in their portfolio that were set up by an instructor or master photographer during training seminars. While images taken in these controlled situations will obviously look great, they won’t necessarily show that the photographer has the ability to capture a similar photograph when shooting without guidance.

On the wedding day, things happen so fast and most of the day will not be in a perfect studio setting….they might be in your home, outside on an extremely bright day, or in a place with lots of shadow or little light. An experienced photographer will understand all lighting situations, and will always know how to make the best out of even most unpredictable situations. It’s also important for you to see a few samples of ENTIRE WEDDINGS captured by the photographer. This will allow you to fully understand the gamut of what the photographer is capable of, and the kinds of things you can expect for your day.