Make-Up Tips for Weddings

First and foremost when it comes to beauty is the skin, it’s not often thought of as the most alluring feature on a woman but if you think about it your make-up can only be as beautiful as the skin underneath it. Dry skin means your foundation can have an orange hue, not taking the correct action with oily skin and your make-up will slide off as soon as your body temperature rises even a little. Therefore it is necessary to recognize the importance of cleansing, toning and moisturizing two times a day and using a mask once a week or exfoliation depending on your type of skin. It is not advisable to make any changes to your skincare routine the week before the wedding.

For the actual makeup you plan to use on the big day, you should always practice and do a full rehearsal it beforehand with the make-up artist of your choice at least several weeks before the real wedding day. The artist you hired can provide consulting services on a wide range of areas like colors that suit you as well as dress styles that will match the overall look you are going for. They are also very useful in getting the look right for the bride’s coloring and also for the style of the dress. The purpose of a full dress rehearsal is of course to sort out any issues identified as early as possible so that the main event will go ahead without a hitch.

Now it’s important to note that the make-up used for brides is quite unique and is different from regular every day makeup in that bridal make-up means you will often wear white or shade thereof from top to bottom. Not your typical everyday look (at least for most of us). Due to this make-up also needs to be selected and worn appropriately. Don’t forget – the final make-up once applied must last for the entire wedding as well as potentially many hours during the reception as well. With that in mind you need to do a really professional job with the application lest photos you treasure all your life of the special day become an embarrassment.

Take care of yourself and the rest of your body prior to the day as well. Face, legs, arms, feet and hands all should be well taken care of in the weeks and days leading up to the wedding. One other thing to remember girls: It is absolutely essential to shape your eyebrows a few days before the day. This way you shall prevent any redness. Use body exfoliation all over the body exactly one day prior as well as apply a body firming cream.

Most brides usually prefer to have a natural look to their make-up but this is a personal decision and varies from bride to bride in the end. No matter which style you go with how successful the photos turn out will largely depend on how the make-up is put on. Therefore be careful which makeup artist you choose to put it on you! Take your time to look around and interview several before getting the one gives you the best gut feeling. Lastly no matter how well prepared you are we all know that unforeseen things and events can happen. So please remember to take (or get your brides maids to take) an emergency supply of face powder, foundation, cotton wool, lipstick for any touch ups and repairs that needs to be done just before and during the proceedings.