Wedding Cookies

A wedding is probably one of the most important times in ones lifetime, coming together with someone very special, it is also the responsibility of the bride and groom to make sure that everyone at their wedding has a wonderful time and a wonderful meal.

In years past and in years to come the wedding cake is the focal point second to the bride of course at a wedding, it is displayed for everyone to see and knowing that they were going to get a piece of this magnificent masterpiece brings excitement to a persons taste buds.

People have almost forgotten the importance of the wedding cookie, sure a piece of cake is quite wonderful but you only get a tiny piece of it and then it’s done but a wedding cookie you can have several. At one time a wedding cookie was a cookie in no particular shape or form as long as it was good, today people want something more, something different, something that most people don’t think of, now we come to the real wedding cookie, a cookie in the shape of a wedding cake and decorated to look a such, each cookie is wrapped and tied with a beautiful bow.

Each person at the wedding will receive one of these wonderful and delicious cookies, some of these magnificent pieces are even monogrammed with the brides and grooms initials, this is a true wedding cookies.