Wedding Magazines To The Rescue – So Where Are The Articles?

Wedding magazines are a great way to get ideas for wedding favors and decorations. However, you may have to thumb through hundreds of pictures before you find a single article. The good news is that some of the best ideas come from the pictures themselves rather than the handful of articles you may find.

Wedding magazines are also good when you are looking for a gown. But before you run out and order that $2000 Vera Wang, make sure it is right for your body style. And remember that these magazines are created to persuade you to spend more money, as the sumptuous affairs depicted in glossy photo spreads just aren’t realistic for most people.

Most of today’s wedding magazines are reasonably priced thanks to targeted circulation and advertising. This may comes as a surprise, but most of the photo spreads in wedding magazines are purchased by the photographer or require advertising in the magazine. Therefore don’t assume that the gowns on display were chosen by any objective criteria.

If you are looking to subscribe to several magazines leading up to your ceremony, don’t get out your credit card yet. Many also offer gift subscription options, which makes it easy to drop a hint with your maid of honor or bridesmaids. And you may find friends who can lend or donate some recent issues which by now are weighing down their coffee table or magazine stand.

Here is a quick review of three favorites you are likely to find at your local newsstand, bookstore, or salon:


The established favorite of traditional wedding planning. The sister magazines include Modern Bride and Elegant Bride magazines. A recent online article was entitled “Treat Your Bridesmaids to Sweet Send-Offs Blooming With Style.”

The Knot

A newer magazine with a fresh, upbeat style and a significant presence online. Other related web sites include The Nest and Party Spot. A popular feature of their web site is “Real Wedding of the Week.”

Wedding Style Magazine

According to their own description, “Wedding Style Magazine assists brides with choosing bridal gowns, wedding services and offers informative, practical editorial content …” This is the place you are most likely to find coverage of high-fashion clothing and luxury destinations. The publisher, Grace Ormonde, has quickly built an enviable reputation in the wedding industry with this lively magazine.

Wedding magazines can often seem like hundreds of pages of ads sprinkled with a few useful ideas. And it can be hard to envision most brides or bridesmaids wearing the “latest fashion”. But if you are willing to read several that match your particular style, you will likely pick up some valuable ideas for your upcoming special day.