Why Are Wedding Celebrations So Special?

The moment when bride and groom accept each other as their life partners on their wedding day, they will be called a lovely couple. Do you know why the wedding is so special to everyone and why do we need all these traditions in order to get married? This is one of the things that the Lord has started, by himself. We might consider the wedding celebrations as special ones because; it acts as a doorway to declare a man and a woman as husband and wife in the name of Lord Jesus Christ. However weddings differ from culture to culture and also from generation to generation. For the years to come, the wedding traditions might change, but the transition would be slower.

Wedding ceremony can also be carried out in private. In private, a judge would declare a man & woman as husband and wife, instead of a priest, which is considered unofficial. In order to make it official, they have to marry again in a real wedding tradition. Wedding celebrations are not constrained only to church, but it can also be carried out in beach, park or even at your home. The important thing is that, both husband and wife should understand that they must try to make it worth to them and also to their families, when they celebrate their most special day. Weddings show the way to start the journey in life as husband and wife and so they must give meaning to it, and also should realize how special it is.